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Following the funeral service at the church or funeral home, the final step is the trip to the cemetery for the burial or the inurnment of the deceased.

At each of our cemeteries, you will work with your funeral director to plan what will be included in a full-body burial. Some options that people consider:

  • Religious committal with minister or priest
  • Reflections or eulogy from family and friends
  • Release of doves or balloons
  • Military services for veterans of the armed forces

At an inurnment or interment of cremated remains, many of these same choices are available. You may still choose to handle this through the funeral home, or you can opt to plan and schedule it with us independently. Typically, you will schedule this with the cemetery at least 24 hours in advance.

There are costs associated with any type of burial or inurnment service:

  • Opening and closing the grave or niche
  • Arranging for a tent or canopy over the family
  • Weekend or overtime charges
  • Use of the chapel
Each of the different cultures that make up our community brings different burial traditions with them. We will work with you and your family to ensure that your wishes are met as closely as possible.