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Cemetery Records

What information is kept in your Cemetery Records?

Ideally, for each interment, we should know the:

  • full legal name of the deceased,
  • birth and death dates,
  • gender,
  • home address,
  • cities where they were born and died
  • parent’s names.

We also need to know their relationship to the owner of the grave in which they are interred. The reality is that for many records from the past, our information is incomplete. We are happy to share what we have with family members who request it. Our website features a search tool you may use to locate graves within each cemetery; this is a good place to begin your research.

Your online index is missing someone!

Please let us know! We’ll check our records, talk about it with you and get it resolved.

Note that until 2014, we were not informed when memorial stones (that is, a stone placed on the grounds, with no remains interred) were placed on the grounds. There are memorials on the grounds that we have no record of. If you find a stone and don’t find a record of the interment online, please call or email the office. We will review and make the necessary correction.

Can you help with my genealogy?

We are happy to look in our paper records for additional information about your loved ones. However, our first responsibility is to the people bereaved right now. If you plan your visit in advance, with a call or email, we will be better able to assist you.

Note: cold, rainy and wintry days are the least busy in the office.