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What is the Erie Cemetery Association (ECA)?

Erie Cemetery Association is a group of three nonprofit, non-denominational cemeteries. We are privately held, local, and independent of any funeral home, faith, or other affiliation.

Who owns ECA?

It is a surprise to most people, but our cemeteries are not publicly owned – in fact, they really don’t have a single owner. The Erie Cemetery Association is a nonprofit corporation, established as “Erie Cemetery,” in 1850, and modified to become Erie Cemetery Association, as we added Wintergreen Gorge Cemetery and then Laurel Hill Cemetery.

As a nonprofit corporation, we do not have stockholders or owners. ECA is managed by a Board of Corporators. Our Corporators are unpaid volunteers who live in the Erie area, own grave space in our Cemeteries, and participate in our community – most as business owners, or other positions wherein they add their professional expertise to our Board. The Board elects the Trustees of the Cemetery and makes policy decisions for the organization. The remaining members of the Corporators fill vacancies in the Board as they occur. The Erie Cemetery Association is and always has been entirely local.

I have a concern about one of your cemeteries. Who may I talk to?

Each cemetery has a customer service representative in the office during business hours. If you wish to speak to the General Manager, you may call the main office at 814-459-2463. Email addresses are also available here.

Cemetery Rules and Regulations

We've recently updated the Rules and Regulations governing our three cemeteries. We encourage you to read them!

If you're interested in only the basics - Working with headstones and planting, then take a look at our Quick Reference Guide for Lot Owners.