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Cemetery Space Purchase

Some people wish to have their full body interred. Others wish to be cremated first. Some prefer to know their remains will be interred in the ground, while others want their remains in an aboveground structure. No one choice fits everyone: You may choose whichever fits your preferences, beliefs and budget.

Each of our cemeteries offers options that accommodate full body services or cremation services, ranging from private aboveground tombs to very simple scattering gardens. We have several price points, and offer a no-interest payment plan to make this purchase easier.

Regardless of your choice, our commitment remains the same: We are here to maintain these grounds, for this purpose, in perpetuity. Forever.

In-ground interment spaces fall into two categories:

  • Traditional Grave Space — A traditional grave accommodates the interment of one full body, OR two people’s cremated remains.
  • Cremation Grave Space — Cremation graves allow for the interment of either one or two people’s cremated remains.

Typically, only one headstone is allowed per grave space. In many areas at each cemetery, two graves may share one “double” headstone.

Pricing for these graves is determined by the style of headstone or monument permitted at that grave:

  • Monument Lots are sold as a minimum of two grave spaces. These graves may be marked with a two-piece monument.
  • Raised Marker graves may be sold individually. These graves may be marked with a one-piece granite marker that sits above the surface of the earth. There are several styles of these markers – our customer service representative will discuss what is permitted in each area before you make a decision on the grave space.
  • Flush Marker graves are the most economical option. These graves may be marked with a flat granite headstone.

Pricing is determined by the headstone style for the simple reason that the larger and more complex the headstone is, the more time the mowing and trimming of the lot will require. Since we will be mowing forever, that cost becomes a factor.

Aboveground Options

Cremation Niches

Each of our cemeteries offer columbariums, an above-ground structure with niches designed to hold one or two person’s cremated remains. The panel in front of that niche is carved with the name of the deceased.

Private Mausoleum

For people interested in placing a private, aboveground structure at the cemetery, there is space at each cemetery to build a private mausoleum. These are generally customized to the purchaser’s specifications. Should you choose this option, we’ll work with you and the monument company producing the mausoleum.