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ECA Holiday Schedule

Information for the General Public and for Funeral Industry Partners

Our Cemetery Grounds at Erie Cemetery, Wintergreen Gorge Cemetery and Laurel Hill Cemetery are open for visitors during daylight hours when the gates are open through the holiday season. If the gates are shut during the day, please respect this and return later. It means that Snow, Ice, Wind or other conditions make a visit unsafe. As soon as possible, we will reopen the gates.

  • The cemeteries will be open for services Saturday, December 24th, and Saturday, December 31st, until 12Noon. The Erie office will be open 9am – 12noon.
  • All Services must be in the gates by 11am on these days.
  • The cemeteries will be closed for services on the 25th and 26th of December, and the 1st and 2nd of January.
  • Please order December 27th and January 3rd services as early as possible, so we may schedule staff holiday time.

Thank you for your kind consideration and may you and your staff enjoy a peaceful holiday season.